Latest work

Dancers of Nikon School

The Nikon School helps photographers develop their skills with Nikon equipment.  This year they were promoting the latest range of mirrorless cameras at PhotoLondon in the darkened basement spaces of Somerset House. Nikon kindly lent out their new Z6 for me to play with for this shoot.  

St Albans District Fixers

Thank you to St Albans District Fixers for allowing me to photograph them (and their happy clients) as they took to repairing the broken household appliances of the people of Harpenden, Hertfordshire. 

This charity is part of, a growing organisation that teaches people how to repair their electronic products and to rethink their single use.  A great cause in the fight to reduce dumped Ewaste and electronics that end up in landfill.

Gracey's Pizza

It was an amazing experience to shoot inside Gracey's as dusk arrived on a busy Sunday night.  What they have is an incrediable product and a complete love for the craft of making this Italian-American classic.  This is a growing business that all pizza enthusiasts need to know about. 

The Fighters

Southern Thailand and what looked like a covered marketplace, I was surprised to see a boxing ring and a referee circling. Two fighters climbed into the ring. Muay Thai is deeply embedded in Thai historical and popular culture, and as I watched the traditional ritual ceremony finish I wondered who this spectacle was for, the fight seemingly weighing heavy on one of the athletes. And then the bell rang and fight began.

From a series, The Fighters, 2015