Capturing the essence of a person's personality is difficult.  An image that reflects how that person feels and, at the same time, how that person wishes to be seen by the onlooking worlds, can be very different.  I remember what my tutor taught me - sensitivity, time and understanding are much more important than any flashy lighting or camera equipment.

Book a one or two or three hour session.  I'll come to you at a location of your choosing or we can decide on a location together.  We'll discuss what you'd like the images to say and what feeling you'd like them to evoke.  I'll work to create a series that you can use for different things, whether that be professional headshots, social media content or something printed for your wall and shared with friends.  I'll show you the pictures as I'm working and make changes as we go along.  The most important thing for me is to create a relaxed, authentic atmosphere.